Bicycling, Boxing & Education

Nace Promotions is geared to promote positive activities and events that can help strengthen communities and individuals.

Nace Promotions is focused on improving the community. We do so by providing or promoting events or activities that are designed to engage community members in a positive effort. NP started in the 1980's with Marketing and Promotions. We have the experience and knowledge needed to bring exposure to your interests.

Al Nace of Nace Promotions also is a Licensed Therapist.  He offers art therapy for individuals and groups.  In addition, Al teaches painting for individuals who think they can't paint privately or in a group setting.  He also conducts combined painting classes with therapy.

In the early 1990's we started offering educational training's in the field of Mental Health and Addictions. Some of our training's are listed in the OASAS link provided above.

Education continues to be our long term focus.  We have been providing education on Mental Health and Addiction for over 20 years.  We have a host of providers that can provide training on many topic areas including those listed in the OASAS Education link.  We can also customize training's to meet your need. 

We obtain certification from OASAS so that your staff can receive re credentialing credits.  
Nace Promotions hosts monthly training's and can assist your agency in setting them up in your region.  Education workshops can be as short as one hour or multiple day training's.

Contact us at 845-594-3231 for further information.

In addition, we continue to promote events and assist in their promotion.  Some of our activities include Cycling, Boxing Training and event promotions and Art classes and Therapy.

In 2006 we started promoting Bicycling events. The Tour De Kingston and The Tour De Ulster began in 2006. The Annual Recovery Ride began in 2007.

2008 brought us to Boxing Promotions. Working with Former WBC Super Lightweight Champion Bill Costello, Aaron Fitzgerald, Allen Nace, Tom Gordon of Kingston Nissan, we have promoted Amateur Boxing events and the Kingston Police Athletic League in Kingston N.Y.. These efforts have brought boxing to the community and the community to boxing in large numbers. Recent highlights occurred in both 2010 and again in 2011 when the Irish National Team consisting of the Belfast Cross Community Team (Monkstown and Holy Trinity)  came to Kingston NY.  

We have also for the past few years trained recreational boxers in the Yucatan area of Mexico.

These efforts have been successful, in part because all involved are trying to do the right thing. That coupled with experience, knowledge, focus and hard work have helped make Nace Promotions a success.

For more information, please contact us via telephone @ 845.594.3231
Thank You,
Allen Nace
Nace Promotions

Nace Associates Consulting and Education
Experienced, Trained and Certified Therapist, Accreditation Consultants 
NYS Certified Mental Health and Addictions Education Trainers. 
Licensed by NYS Department of Education, Office of the Professions and OASAS Certified Providers of Education
Contact:  Allen Nace LMHC, CASAC\

Wanted: Volunteers 

 Only Alone in the Ring (OAR) Fighters suffer disproportionately from anxiety, depression, poverty, and under-employment.

 When in the ring, a fighter is honored, respected, and appreciated. After can be a different and a darker story. 

 As the great Willie Pep once observed: “First your legs go, then your reflexes go, then your friends go.” OAR wants to    change that. 

 We need volunteers willing to serve as a first point of contact, someone to direct fighters to needed support. It may be just an ear, other times a call to an organization waiting to help with job training, psychological counseling, or medical services. 

 Become a fighter’s hero. 
 Call OAR now @ 845-594-3231